The Founders Seminar (Challenge Program) at Porter College

The Founders Seminar at Porter College provides high-achieving first-year students with a rigorous program of study that emphasizes dynamic interaction with UC Santa Cruz faculty and academically-motivated peers at Stevenson, Merrill, and Kresge Colleges. The Challenge Program, of which the Founders Seminar is a part, consists of small courses, social gatherings, and collaborative research projects that are designed to foster close faculty-student interaction over four quarters. Although students can decide to stop participating in the Challenge Program at any point, those who complete the first two quarters of the program will receive a certificate of participation and completion.

Freshmen who have a fall quarter GPA of 3.3 and have satisfied the Entry Level Writing Requirement are eligible to apply to the program during winter quarter.  Students selected for the program then enroll in one of three small, participatory, and innovative research seminars offered by the four colleges in the spring quarter. 

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