• Sean Keilen

    Sean Keilen, Provost

    (831) 459-3700, keilen@ucsc.edu

    Welcome to Porter College! My name is Sean Keilen, and I am the College Provost. As Porter's academic administrator, I supervise the College's academic programs: the Core course and other courses in the college curriculum; academic advising, standing, and integrity; fellowship and project grants; college honors and distinction; and graduation.

    Office: Porter College Office, D Building, Room 104


  • Michael Yamauchi-Gleason

    Michael Yamauchi-Gleason, College Administration Officer (CAO)

    (831) 459-5015, myg@ucsc.edu

    Hello and welcome to Porter College. My name is Michael Yamauchi-Gleason, the College Administrative Officer (CAO) for Porter and Kresge Colleges. I oversee student life and administration which include a variety of areas such as residence life, college programs, budget, and facilities. Get involved inside and outside of the classroom. Be an active participant in all that is Porter College. I look forward to meeting you. 

    Office: Kresge Apartment, J Building, Room 306A


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    TBA, Supervising Academic Preceptor

    (831) 459-5819

    Office:Office: Porter College Office, D Building, Room 104


  • Bob Giges

    Bob Giges, Academic Preceptor

    (831) 459-2864, otom@ucsc.edu

    Hi, my name is Bob Giges, and I’m one of the academic preceptors at Porter College. I’m also a former UCSC transfer student with both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Santa Cruz.  I’m happy to help you with any and all academic advising issues as you discover, define, and navigate your way through your UCSC journey. Stop by or make an appointment so we can talk about your potential plans.

    Office: Porter College Office, D Building, Room 104

  • Emily Burt

    Emily Burt, Academic Adviser

    (831) 459-4013, emburt@ucsc.edu

    Office: Porter College Office, D Building, Room 104


  • Tiffany Burns

    Tiffany Burns, College Academic Programs Coordinator

    (831) 459-2564, tbburns@ucsc.edu

    Hi! I'm Tiffany and and I provide administrative and academic support to the Provost. I assist in the coordination and scheduling of the Core Course, secure classroom and tutorial space, and maintain other Porter courses administratively throughout the academic year. I also oversee the application processes for Porter's wide range of grant and scholarship programs.

    Office: Porter College Office, D Building, Room 104


  • TBA

    Kelly Farris, College Assistant/Mailroom Supervisor

    (831) 459-2273, kpfarris@ucsc.edu

    Hello and Welcome!  I am the College Office Assistant, the friendly face you’ll see when you enter our office and the voice you’ll hear when you call. I’m here to help you with scheduling appointments with our advisers as well as find your way around our college. I also supervise the Porter mailroom. Please come by to say hello and I look forward to meeting you!

    Office: Porter College Office, D Building, Room 104


  • Kathy Cooney

    Kathy Cooney, Associate College Administrative Officer (ACAO)

    (831) 459-5255, kmcooney@ucsc.edu

    I am the Associate College Administrative Officer (ACAO), which means that I oversee all the Residential Life and Housing functions for Porter and Kresge Colleges in addition to managing the student conduct process for our students. I work closely with the Residential Life team, intervene on community issues and am available for appointments with students and staff. I look forward to meeting you.

    Office: Kresge Apartment, J Building, Room 305B

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    D. J. Bell, Housing Coordinator

    (831) 459-4433, dijbell@ucsc.edu

    Office: Kresge Apartment, J Building, Room 301A


  • No alternative text

    LaStarr Fisk, Residential Life & Housing Office Coordinator

    (831) 459-4433  

    Office: Kresge Apartment, J Building, Room 301

  • No alternative text

    TBA, Coordinator for Conduct & Education

    (831) 459-1493

    Office: Kresge Apartment, J Building, Room 302B

  • Courtney Fisk

    Courtney Fisk, Coordinator for Residential Education (CRE)

    (831) 502-7124, cfisk@ucsc.edu

    Office: Kresge Apartment, J Building, Room 304B


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    Savanah Headley, Coordinator for Residential Education (CRE)

    (831) 459-1074, saheadle@ucsc.edu

    Office: Kresge Apartment, J Building, Room 304A

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    Janet Nava Cardenas, Coordinator for Residential Education (CRE)

    (831) 459-3262, jnava1@ucsc.edu

    Office: Kresge Apartment, J Building, Room 302A


  • No alternative text

    Marcos Villanueva, Coordinator for Residential Education (CRE)

    (831) 459-1493, mvillan5@ucsc.edu

    Office: Kresge Apartment, J Building, Room 302B

  • No alternative text

    Jenn Hamilton, Coordinator for Residential Education (CRE)

    (831) 459-5759, jhamilt1@ucsc.edu

    Office: Kresge Apartment, J Building, Room 303B


  • James Blaine

    James Blaine, College Programs Coordinator (CPC)

    (831) 459-4758, jblaine@ucsc.edu

    Hello, my name is James Blaine and I am the College Programs Coordinator. I work with staff and students to plan programs and activities that are of interest to students and the college community. I enjoy working with students and feel privileged be able to provide opportunities for engagement outside of the classroom. Click on the Porter Activities tab to find out more about the Student Activities office. I look forward to meeting and working with you.

    Office: Porter College, D Building, Room 143

  • Marcy Ramirez

    Marcy Ramirez, Assistant College Programs Coordinator (ACPC)

    (831) 459-2857

    Hi! I'm Marcy, the Assistant College Programs Coordinator. I'm here to help you reserve a Porter space for meetings or student gatherings, post flyers or posters at Porter, or answer any questions on how to put on an event! I also administrate the Makerspace Co-Op, and supervise our very own Porter Slugs! If you have any questions about how to get more involved in our community, please come by and see me.

    Office: Porter College, D Building, Room 143


  • Sue Roth

    Sue Roth, Assistant to the College Administrative Officer (CAO)

    (831) 459-2467, sroth@ucsc.edu

    Welcome to Porter College! My name is Sue Roth. I am the Assistant to the CAO and serve both Porter and Kresge Colleges.  I look forward to speaking with you on the phone, or drop in and say hello.

    Office: Kresge Apartment, J Building, Room 306

  • Mary Sierra

    Mary Sierra, Budget Analyst

    (831) 459-2037, mjsierra@ucsc.edu

    My name is Mary Sierra and I am the Financial Coordinator for Porter and Kresge Colleges. I take care of all the details of purchasing and analyzing expenditures at the two colleges. I make sure that the expenditures are charged to the correct accounts, also insuring that all proper guidelines are being followed during every step of the process. I do look forward to meeting you.

    Office: Kresge Apartment, J Building, Room 306


  • No alternative text

    TBA, Counseling Psychologist 

    (831) 459-2572


  • No alternative text

    TBA, Counseling Psychologist

    (831) 502-7190


  • David Steinmann

    David Steinman, Porter Dining Hall & Kresge Owl Cafe

    (831) 459-4773, dsteinma@ucsc.edu


  • No alternative text

    John Cronin, Central Facilities Asset Coordinator

    (831) 212-5066, jjcronin@ucsc.edu

  • Eric Peterson

    Eric Peterson, Senior Building Maintenance Worker Supervisor


  • Ken Blas

    Ken Blas, Senior Building Maintenance Worker


  • No alternative text

    TBA, Senior Building Maintenance Worker


  • Claire Crum

    Claire Crum, Groundskeeper