Core Faculty Resource Guide

Porter Advising Hours:

Monday through Friday: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm & 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
D Building Room 104

Advising Staff:

Academic concerns or questions. email or

Advising Position Name Telephone Email
Senior Academic Preceptor Lupe Allen 831-459-5819
Academic Preceptor Bob Giges 831-459-2864
Adviser Emily Burt 831-459-4013


Student Services Comprehensive listing
Counseling & Psychological Services: 831-459-2628
Slug Support Program 831-459-4446
Student Judicial Affairs Behavior concerns 831-459-1736
Student Health Outreach & Promotion SHOP 831-459-3772
Campus Advocacy, Resources & Education CARE 831-502-CARE (2273)
Writing tutoring services
Westside Writing Center

Core Enrollment Information:

Core Class Placement:
Email or call Lead Preceptor at (831) 459-5819 with enrollments questions.  
Student are not able to make any core class changes without consulting with Lupe Allen.

"Extra Student" Not on Your Roster:    
Immediately, have student to meet with Lupe Allen at the Porter Advising Office, D Building Room 104 to determine correct core class.

"No Shows" and Absences:
Immediately contact Lope Allen if students do not attend the first class so that they can be located and refered to the correct instructor.

Continuing No Shows and Absences:
Contact Lupe Allen immediately or email if a student is absent for more than one or two classes/sections.  Porter advising will conduct a follow-up check on the student's well-being (or their plans to withdraw from the university).

General Enrollments, Deadlines & Grading:

Fall 2016 Deadline Dates: To be announced

Enrollment Deadline Deadline Date
Add/Drop/Swap October 12
Change Grading Option October 12
Apply for University Part-Time Program October 12
Add by Petition ends November 2
Withdraw from a Class November 2
Withdraw from the university November 2
Winter Quarter Advising Week Begins October 31
Winter quarter enrollments begin November 7
Grades Due December 14

Withdrawals/Leave of Absence Process:

Contact a Porter adviser (email if a student has informed you they intend to withdraw or take a Leave of Absence from UCSC.  Refer student to the Porter Advising Office ASAP for online process at  Note that after November 2, students can only withdraw for a documented emergency (medical, family etc.) reasons.  Porter advisers can work with the student on their options and needs.

Incomplete (I) Grades:

  • At an instructor’s discretion (complete information).
  • The student must meet with you and understand what is required to complete the classwork - including a timeline to submit the completed classwork.
  • The final deadline for fall 2016 is March 24, 2017 to submit the completed work to you (along with the Removal of Incomplete form).  The coursework must be accompanied with the Removal of Incomplete Petition (carries a $10 fee).  Petitions can be download from the Office of the Registrar.  Failure to remove the Incomplete Notation will result in an F grade.
  • When the coursework is completed and you have signed the petition, assign a grade for the student, and send the form to the Office of the Registrar (190 Hahn Student Services Center).  You can update the grade in your faculty portal.

Grading Chart:

Behavior & Mental Health:

Comprehensive online resources for difficult teaching situations - scroll down to For Faculty and Staff:

Academic Misconduct:

Complete information and forms located at
Contact Susan Beach, College Academic Programs Coordinator ( if you suspect  a student has been cheating or plagiarized.

Academic Difficulty (in Core or suspected elsewhere):

  • Call Lead Academic Preceptor Lupe Allen at (831) 459-5819 or email or refer the student to Advising Office.
  • Drop-in advising available Monday-Friday 9 m to 11:45 a.m. and 1 pm to 4 pm or call (831) 459-2273 to have student schedule an appointment or click the booknow icon on Porter College's home page.
  • Drop-in Writing Tutoring available through Learning Support Services or Westside Writing Center.
  • Students with disabilities, or those who suspect they may have one, can contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC): or (831) 459-2089.

Issues with Personal & Financial Stress, Psychological Concerns, Suspected Drug/Alcohol Abuse:

Disruptive Behavior, Anger & Aggression:

Privacy: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Classroom:

           Return essays or graded coursework in an unattended (public) box.
           Post grades or other enrollment information, including student's names.