PCUF Application



1st day of winter and spring quarter


  1. Fill out the application completely
  2. Have your faculty sponsor sign the application
  3. Submit the application by email to lbrowne@ucsc.edu or drop off at the Porter College Office located at Porter D-104 before 4 PM 
First Name: Last Name:
SID:   Address:
Email: Telephone:
Major: Minor:
Class Level:
Proposed start date:
Proposed end date:
Amount Requested:
Faculty Sponsor:
Please check the box below if you have previously received PORTER FELLOWSHIP or STUDENT PROJECT funding for any project.:

Project Description: 

  1. 500-800 words, typed.
  2. The proposal should include a description of the project including a discussion of your approach, methodology, and/or theoretical basis in some detail.

Guidelines For Applicants:

The Porter College Undergraduate Fellowship assists Porter students in all fields of study with funding for reasonable and necessary expenses associated with original research, scholarly work, and/or artistic projects. Student Project Funds support public events (organized by Porter Students) of benefit to the college, campus, or off-campus communities. The grant is to be based on the cost of the project and is usually used for essential supplies and materials. Living expenses will not be funded.  Applicants’ performance in relevant coursework, academic standing, and any record of academic misconduct will be considered.

The amount of the stipend is to be based on the cost of the project. Fellowships are usually used for supplies and materials essential to the project. Living expenses will not be funded.  Your proposed project must be completed prior to your date of graduation (the actual awarding of your degree, not the ceremony).


1. Applications are due by 4:00 p.m. on the 1st day of winter spring quarter and should be submitted to the Porter College Office, D-104, front counter or via email to the College Academic Manager, Leah Browne at lbrowne@ucsc.edu.
2. Please make certain you have filled in all portions of the application and have attached a written Project Description and Detailed Budget before turning it in.
3. Fellowship recipients will be expected to submit their evaluation form of the completed project, which includes a sponsor evaluation no later than the date specified in your award letter. Receipts and an itemized spending report for all items purchased should be submitted at that time.

Faculty Sponsor:
  1. Faculty sponsors must hold appointments at UCSC during the academic year.
  2. The responsibilities of the faculty sponsor include recommending the student and the proposed project.
  3. The sponsor must sign the application and provide a letter of recommendation to the Porter College Office by the deadline above or send an email by that date to lbrowne@ucsc.edu.
  4. They must also include a brief evaluation at the project's completion.

    Include a detailed budget on a separate sheet. Show totals below.

    Amount requested from Porter College:
    (Awards are in the $200-$500 range.)


    Source & Amount: Source & Amount:
    Source & Amount: Source & Amount:
    Source & Amount: Source & Amount:
    Source & Amount: Source & Amount:


    1. I believe the proposed project has merit and agree to supervise the student and the project if this application is approved.
    2. I understand that my responsibilities include a written evaluation of the completed project and the work of the student(s).
    3. I will also submit a letter of recommendation under separate cover (email to lbrowne@ucsc.edu or send through intercampus mail) to the Porter College Office by the 1st day of spring quarter.

    Faculty Name:______________________ Faculty Signature: __________________________

    Faculty Email:______________________


    Select Faculty's Department of Studies below:

    Notification on the dispositon of your application will be sent to the mailing address that appears on the front of this application with a copy to your faculty sponsor.