Successful Move-In


Move-in day can be exciting but also hectic and overwhelming. We assure you that the Porter College Staff and Slugs will do their best to make the day more manageable and the process go smoothly. We also ask that you do your part to help as well. Please help move-in go smoothly for everyone by arriving during the assigned day and by following the requests made by our staff. Below are a few tips to help you with your move-in experience.

  • Move-in Day can appear to be a confusing process, but our staff will happily direct you as soon as you arrive at Porter College. Yes, it is that easy: just show up and we’ll take it from there.
  • Talk with your roommate(s) before you arrive. Determine what items you are comfortable sharing and who plans to bring what (i.e. TV, stereo, microwave, etc.). This way you save space by not duplicating unnecessary items.
  • You will receive an email from the Porter College Office with your mailbox assignment. Please do not ship items to arrive at Porter College prior to three days before your move-in date. Space is limited in our mailroom.
  • Please try not to bring more than one vehicle with belongings. While we will have an unloading zone, there will be no parking at Porter College.
  • Do not bring pets on move-in day. We have much wildlife at UCSC and so pets are not allowed on campus, and vehicles will be parked in a hot and remote area during most of the day.
  • Before you bring a vehicle to have on campus during the school year, check with the TAPS office to make sure you meet the qualifications to park on campus. You can find that information on their webpage. First and second year students are not eligible to park on campus.
  • Plan to arrive to campus on your appointed day and your designated time frame. Please DO NOT show up on a different day or time without prior approval from the Housing Office. Follow the directions on the signs posted around campus to the Porter College move-in staging area.
  • Please be patient while you are in the staging area. This year will be a little more unique as we will be moving in half of the Kresge first year students along with half of the Porter first year students on each day. While we hope to have traffic flowing steadily, there are a limited number of spaces near the buildings and at times there may be short delays. We recommend bringing extra water, snacks, etc. just in case.
  • When an unloading space is available, you will be directed to bring your car into the parking lot to unload your belongings. You will have a maximum of 30 minutes for unloading. Once your vehicle is unloaded, you will be directed by staff to move your vehicle the appropriate parking lot. You will have plenty of time to unpack after you unload and move your vehicle to the parking location(s).
  • Parking tickets will be issued to those cars parked in illegal areas (i.e. fire lanes, handicapped parking without a permit, parked too long in an unloading zone, etc.) as well as for those cars not displaying the 30 minute pass provided by the College

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