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Currently NOT offering for 2021-2022 Porter College Teaching Fellowships 

Porter College Teaching Fellowships provide funding for two-unit, lower-division courses that are designed and taught by Associate Fellows of the College during the winter and spring quarters. Recipients of the Fellowship will be compensated at the rate appropriate for Lecturers, Teaching Associates, or Teaching Fellows: approximately $2,000 to $3,000. Under no circumstances will Porter College support the remission of graduate student fees.

Total enrollments for most of the courses offered under this program will be capped at 25 to 30 students. Porter College affiliates will enjoy priority in the enrollment process.


Applicants for the Fellowship must be Associate Fellows of Porter College. To become an Associate Fellow, please contact Leah Browne, College Academic Manager, at

Applicants must be enrolled as graduate students in an Arts Division department through the winter quarter of the year following the year of application or have completed their degree program during the year of application.

Applicants must qualify for appointment as a GSI (Graduate Student Instructor) under guidelines established by the Committee on Educational Policy. Please consult this website for the relevant criteria:

Applicants must also provide written confirmation from the director of graduate studies in their departments and programs that it will be possible for them to teach a 2-unit course at Porter College, without violating the terms of the fellowships, grants and teaching appointments that they will hold in the year when the Teaching Fellowship would take place.

Evaluation of applications

The College Provost, in consultation with the College’s Executive Committee, shall determine the final status of all applications for Porter College Teaching Fellowships. 

Successful applications will give clear evidence of the applicant’s achievement in teaching and research, and among deserving applications, priority will be given to proposals that are appropriate for a two-unit, lower-division course intended for non-majors. 

How to apply

The annual deadline for applications is the second Friday in April at Noon. Applications should be sent electronically to Leah Browne, College Academic Manager, at Results will be announced by the end of the spring quarter. 

In order to receive full consideration, applications must have four clearly labeled parts: a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, a course proposal and syllabus, and no more than three letters of recommendation, one of which must be written by the applicant’s advisor.

The syllabus must include the following elements: a description of the course and its goals of no more than 100 words; a schedule that clearly establishes the order of readings and assignments; a statement of the criteria that will be used in evaluating the students’ work; and two examples of the kind of assignments that the applicant might use.

Because there will likely not be sufficient time for the Committee on Educational Policy to approve new courses before the proposed course would take place, all proposals must fit the framework of an existing two-unit, lower-division course in the Porter College course catalogue. Applicants are encouraged to consult with the College Provost before developing a proposal. The catalogue may be found here: Courses requiring the approval of an additional course fee will not be considered to be viable for the Teaching Fellowship program.


Associate Fellows


Graduate students who are currently enrolled in a degree- or certificate-granting program at the University may apply to become Associate Fellows (non-voting) of Porter College. Students whose research and creative activity are related to the College’s core interest in the arts and humanities are especially encouraged to apply. 


Associate Fellows will be invited to gatherings of the College Fellowship; may request the use of Porter College venues for conferences, meetings, and social events of their own devising; and will be eligible to apply for Porter College Teaching Fellowships. Associate Fellows will also be eligible to apply to become mentors for Porter undergraduates, under the auspices of the Porter Research Fellowship program.

Associate Fellows remain affiliated with the College for as long as they continue to be enrolled in a degree- or certificate-granting program at the University.

How to apply

In order to apply for the status of Associate Fellow, please contact Leah Browne, the College Academic Manager at Porter ( Applications must include a one-page cover letter, explaining why one wants to affiliate with the College and how one might contribute to the social and intellectual development of its undergraduate community, and a current curriculum vitae.

Applications will be reviewed periodically by the College Provost, in consultation with the College’s Executive Committee.


Hitchcock Modern Poetry Fund

Porter College is soliciting applications for funding for poetry-related projects to be undertaken during the upcoming academic year. Grants will be provided from an estimated $20,000 dividend for the year from The Hitchcock Modern Poetry Fund established by Lecturer Emeritus and poet George Hitchcock and poet Marjorie Simon in enduring support of poetry at Porter College. (Please see "Background of the Hitchcock Modern Poetry Fund" below.)

Funds may be requested in any amount. However, requests are expected to exceed available funding and many proposals will likely go unfunded. Funding decisions will be made on the basis of the criteria below and according to the priorities and judgement of the Poetry Advisory Committee, the Porter Executive Committee, and the Porter Provost.


Applications are due in the Porter College Office by noon on the second Friday of April. Please send your application via email to Leah Browne, College Academic Manager, at


Proposals are welcome from ALL UCSC faculty (including Lecturers and Emeriti). Students who wish to propose projects must make arrangements with a UCSC faculty advisor who will agree to review and submit the application for funds and who will actively guide the completion of the students' project should funds be awarded. Proposals are particularly sought from faculty fellows and students of Porter College. [See "Criteria" and "Background of the Fund" below.]


Funding is available for a wide variety of projects related to modern and contemporary poetry. Projects may include residencies for poets, readings by poets, commissions for song cycles, a poetry prize, support for performances of poetry-related projects (theater, music, art), a poetry-related conference, etc. The limits are wide and include theory as well as many forms of practice.

Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the quality of the work, the numbers of UCSC students and faculty involved and/or affected, and relevance to Porter College students and faculty. (While students and faculty not associated with Porter are specifically included in this call, each project must, in SOME aspect, involve Porter College students and/or faculty and the degree of Porter involvement will be a factor in the selection process.)

To Be Considered:

Applications must by sent via EMAIL to Porter College Academic manager, Leah Browne, (See APPLICATION FORM below.) Supporting materials may be sent to the Porter College Office and referenced in the emailed application.

Background of the Hitchcock Poetry Fund:

During the summer 2002, George Hitchcock, renowned publisher, poet, painter, and UCSC lecturer emeritus in creative writing, established the Hitchcock Modern Poetry Fund in support of poetry-related activities at Porter College. Following Hitchcock's death in August 2010, his longtime partner, Marjorie Simon, honored and fulfilled Hitchcock’s wishes in perpetuity by securing the Fund with a a gift of  $500,000.  

While the Porter Provost, in consultation with the Porter Executive Committee, makes final decisions on the uses of available funding, initial decisions are made by an advisory committee established by Mr. Hitchcock and continuing with membership jointly selected by current members of the committee and the Porter Provost. 

Application for Hitchcock Modern Poetry Funding