Porter College Totem Pole

Welcome Parents and Family to Porter College

Porter College housing provides residents with the traditional amenities and more.

  • All rooms are wired with ethernet service, which includes direct access to online campus resources (classes, study groups, and library resources), the internet, and email.

  • Easy access to campus computer labs, libraries, private study rooms, dining services, and recreational facilities including cardiovascular and weight training machines, swimming pool, tennis courts, and gyms.

By living at Porter, students can interact and live with dedicated professional and student staff members.

  • Each residence hall has a team of staff members who work cooperatively to build and maintain a feeling of community in the halls.

  • Staff members are available to assist students with personal and academic concerns, and act as resources to residents by serving as liaisons between the university and students.

Sleep more, drive less by living at Porter College. 

  • Living at Porter College means avoiding the hassle of commuting each morning, while enjoying the convenience of living near the library, dining halls, restaurants, gym, professors, computer labs, and other campus facilities.

Campus safety is a priority at UCSC and Porter College.

  • All residence halls have controlled access and are equipped with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

  • In addition, campus shuttles allow students to travel the campus safely.

  • The campus Police Department and housing staff members are available 24 hours a day to make sure students feel safe in their home-away-from-home.

As a resident at Porter College, students do:

  • Save time, aggravation and problems by making one payment that covers ALL the costs:

    • utilities, rent, meals, furniture, amenities, bus/shuttle transportation, and more.

  • By living at Porter,  students avoid the hassles of setting up utilities, paying monthly bills, and wasting time commuting to and from class, the library, or the gym.

  • When Porter residents go home for summer or graduate, they don’t have to worry about getting back a security deposit, selling furniture, or terminating utility services.

Porter Housing staff strives to provide students with a living and learning environment that complements their educational experience.

  • Porter residents have the opportunity to enhance their educational experience by participating in residence life activities like field trips, film series, faculty speakers, open mic events (and much more...)

  • In addition, living at Porter provides students with more opportunities to interact with staff and faculty who can provide invaluable personal guidance, career guidance, career connections, and leadership opportunities.

  • Students find that with this involvement they achieve more professional growth and they are stronger candidates when they pursue their career goals.

Living at Porter means living with friends, and experiencing a living situation that is different from any other.

  • The opportunity to live on campus is a once in a lifetime chance to experience options like theme housing, which allows students to live with or next door to students with similar interests such as:

  • Diversity awareness, outdoor adventure, academic achievement, science learning, gaming, arts and music, or a group of students may simply choose to organize a "friends-theme" floor. There are many different and exciting options at each college.

  • In addition, campus residents are introduced to individuals they otherwise would not have had the opportunity to know, and often build bonds of friendship that remain strong long after they leave UCSC.