Core Course

In the fall quarter, Composition, Creative Inquiry, and the Arts, the Porter Core Course, is the center of the College’s intellectual life. All Porter freshmen must take Core. Porter 80A fulfills the C1 General Education requirement, while Porter 80B fulfills the C2 requirement. Core Course sections meet two or three times each week, in small seminars (20-25 students), even smaller writing groups (5-7 students), and occasional evening events at which the entire freshman class gathers. The course exposes students to a wide range of texts about the nature and function of art, in the process of fostering a tightly-knit community among them. It teaches them how to read closely and reflectively and engage each other in critical dialogue. It gives multiple opportunities for each student to design, draft, revise, and complete writing projects. Core Course students also participate in workshops at The Creative Commons, a partnership between Porter College and the Sesnon Gallery and Arts Division. In week ten, Porter Core culminates in EnCore, an exhibition and celebration of student work and a ceremony in which the College Provost and Core faculty award the James B. Hall Prizes for Outstanding Essay and for Outstanding Creative Project.