Residential Life and Move-In FAQS

What is my student’s mailing address?

Student mail must be clearly labeled with the student’s full name and the college’s address, and box numbers are not needed:

First & Last Name (no nicknames or alias)

411 Porter-Kresge Road

Box #

Santa Cruz, CA 95064-1104

Students love receiving mail! Sending them a letter, postcard, or a care package can really help – especially during midterms or finals.

Can students change rooms if they’re unhappy?

If a student is unhappy in his/her roommate situation, they are asked to speak with their RA (Residential Assistant) about the problem. RAs are highly trained in communication and conflict resolution, and many times roommate issues can be worked out rather easily. However, if the situation merits additional attention or help, the RAs can work with the Housing Staff to find a solution to the problem, which may include relocation.

Can students stay here over break periods?

No, students may NOT remain in residence during the Winter Break. If a student needs to remain an extra day or move-in a day early then please contact the Porter Housing Office. Students may remain on-campus during Spring Break, though Dining services may be limited.

Is additional storage available at the college?

Unfortunately, no. We are unable to store student’s belongings, and we are also unable to remove and store unwanted University furniture. We recommend that students plan carefully before moving in, being as conservative as possible about what to bring.

What storage options would work in the rooms?

As the furniture types differ from room to room, there is no definitive answer to this question. There are many stores in the Santa Cruz area where storage solutions may be purchased – we recommend you wait until your student moves in to purchase these items.

What is the internet connection in the room? Can you setup wireless?

For comprehensive information, please see ResNet’s New Student Info

What are the meal plan requirements?

All of the students in the Residence Halls are required to be on either the 5-day or 7-day meal plan. Students in apartments do not have to have a meal plan. The meal plan selection is made when the student applies for housing.
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Can students copy their key?

No, University keys cannot be copied either on-campus or in the community. Each resident receives one key for their room (in apartments, an additional key for the exterior). If they lose that key, the locks will be replaced for a fee and a new key reissued.

Are all of the halls and apartments coed?

No, we do offer some single-sex halls and apartments. To the best of our ability we assign students to the hall/apartment type of their choice – and many more students request coed than single-sex.

Do you rent MicroFridges?

No, we do not. If you are interested in either of these items, you will need to purchase or rent them offcampus or from the Bookstore.

Do the rooms have phone service?

Phone service is not a standard feature in student rooms. Most students rely on their cell phone as their primary phone while in residence. For students with special needs, a limited number of rooms (in fixed locations) are equipped with a land line (phone not included) and assigned annually according to applicant need and availability. These rooms must be specifically requested through the residential community housing office where you will be living.

Will my student's cell phone work on-campus?

The UCSC campus is located on a large hill overlooking Santa Cruz and the Monterey Bay. Since the campus has many tall redwood trees and buildings are situated within the trees, cell phone reception is extremely sporadic. The quality of your reception on-campus depends on your carrier; Porter's micro cellular antennas service Nextel/Sprint, Verizon, Cingular and T-Mobile plans. If you are interested, you may be able to purchase discounted service here.

Are frosh always housed with other frosh?

In most cases, yes. We make every attempt to room frosh with other frosh. Occasionally due to numbers or unusual requests, we may need to pair a freshman with an upperclassmen – usually a sophomore.

What are the dimensions of the beds?

The beds are twin extra-long. They measure 39” wide by 80” long. This is 5 inches longer than a standard twin, so you will either need to purchase twin extra-long sheets, or two flat sheets.

Can families stay later on move-in day?

Yes, although in most cases we do not recommend it. There are activities planned for that evening as well as the days to follow. These first few days are a crucial time to meet fellow students and get oriented to campus.

What happens during Orientation Week?

Orientation week (also known as Welcome Week) is an incredibly busy, vibrant beginning to the year. There are advising sessions, placement exams, employment orientations and specialty tours. There are also a variety of fun activities – games, dances, and community meetings, to name a few. It is important that all new students attend these events.