Safety and Security FAQS

Is there security at night?

Yes. Community Safety Officers are employed within the college from the hours of 7pm-3am. They work in conjunction with the UC Police, UC Fire and college staff to ensure a safe and secure living environment for all residents. Exterior building doors are kept locked at night. If a student is feeling uncomfortable or unsafe getting from one part of campus to another, the student can call the CSO Dispatch line and request the shuttle service. The shuttles will be available from 7 PM to 2:30 AM every day. This shuttle service is for transportation to campus locations only and intended for those who feel unsafe and need an escort.

Does the campus have an earthquake plan?

Yes. Each area of the campus has an evacuation and recovery plan. At Porter, Community Assistants and College staff members are trained on emergency response techniques and have access to first aid supplies. The college also has a disaster supply room, with basic provisions in the event of a major earthquake.

What is the campus’ Emergency Response like?

The campus has its own Police and Fire departments, so response time for 911 calls or other emergencies is very fast. Staff and faculty alike are trained in emergency response, and work collaboratively with Police and Fire to ensure the safety and security of the student population.

If my child’'s health is in danger, will I be called?

When a student is hospitalized, the hospital staff usually contacts family members. In the event of a serious threat to health (such as during/after major illness or injury), the University generally assists hospitals or other services in obtaining emergency/family contact information. We also provide follow-up assistance and support to students and families as needed.

If students go off-campus at night, how do they return?

The Santa Cruz Metro buses operate a late night service that extends from downtown to campus. There is also a dial-a-ride service available from certain areas. Students can call Metro at 831-426-6738 to request this service.

Are there lots of Mountain Lions?

The UCSC campus supports a rich and diverse wildlife population, including the mountain lion. Lions are elusive and there has never been an attack reported on campus. However, due to the number of persons on campus, and the abundance of deer and other prey species, it is inevitable that the lions will be spotted occasionally. For more information, please see the Police page on mountain lions

Do you release my student’s information to 3rd parties?

Due to the California Privacy Act and FERPA (view our page on privacy for more information), confidential student information cannot be shared.