Are you graduating already?

Here are things you should do right now!

Check-in with your College adviser for a No Surprises graduation requirements check.  Check-in with your major/s adviser/s for program requirements.

In addition to taking advantage of the resources and preparation above, you will need to do one or two more things: 

  • Apply to graduatefor your official diploma on by the deadline date for the quarter in which you will finish all your degree requirements.*  Check the Academic Calendar for quarterly deadlines for this task.
  • If you want to participate in the Porter commencement ceremony in June, apply at the beginning of spring quarter through Porter's Commencement website.

*NOTE: in order to be awarded your degree, you must apply for graduation on the student portal in the quarter when you are finishing all requirements. Students may participate in commencement ceremony even if they are finishing their degree in summer or fall, but these students should wait to apply for their official diploma graduation on their student portal until the quarter they are completing all their requirements. Questions? Contact us!

If you are needing to stay beyond your fourth year or equivalent quarters, please read the following:

  • First year students are automatically given four years plus one quarter (13 quarters), and junior transfers have two years plus one quarter (7 quarters) to complete their degrees. Check your EGT (Expected Graduation Term) on the student portal to be sure about yours. Select the i-button or Student Advising Summary in your Student Center.
  • If you need to extend your enrollment beyond your EGT to complete your degree, you'll need to see a Porter adviser.
  • Your extension will require an updated major/s planer signed by your major adviser/s, and may require approval from the provost, so be aware that the process could take up to a week or more (in other words, don't wait until the last minute!).