MakerSpace Co-Op

What is MakerSpace Co-op?

Porter’s MakerSpace Co-op is dedicated to promoting Porter’s creativity, building community, and providing a constructive positive outlet.

The Co-op is a members-only Co-op that is a great space to bring your own projects and work in a larger space. The MakerSpace Co-op has tools and materials available to use for personal crafting projects or even class assignments. The Co-op holds workshops in everything from basic illustration skills to specific costuming projects. Workshops and material purchases are decided by the members of the MakerSpace Co-op. MakerSpace Co-op is a place for students to work on projects, learn new creative skills, meet more crafty people, and de-stress.

To join, you must meet with the Porter ACPC for a orientation and safety walkthrough. If you agree to abide by membership rules, you will be issued an access card upon payment of membership fees that will allow you to use the Co-op from 8am-1am every day of the week. The membership drive occurs within the first 2-3 weeks of fall quarter, but you can enroll anytime as long as space is available.

The MakerSpace Co-op is run by student Maker Leaders who oversee the space and act as resources to members. The Maker Leaders run workshops, lead member training, and determine which supplies need replacing and general cleaning and maintenance.

The Porter Activities Office handles all the administrative functions of the MakerSpace Co-op. The Assistant College Programs Coordinator is the staff advisor of the MakerSpace Co-op.

Membership information:

In order to be a member of the MakerSpace Co-op you will need to attend an Orientation session with a Makerleader or ACPC. Orientations for membership of the MakerSpace Co-op happen when you sign up.

The membership fee is $90 for the year. This goes towards materials that the members of the Co-op wish to use, as well as replenishing supplies and servicing Co-op tools.

Membership is open to all UCSC students. Priority is given to Porter and Kresge affiliates.

If you would like to be informed of the next opportunity to join the MakerSpace Co-op, please email or call the Porter Activities Office at (831)459-2857