Off Campus Students


Students who move off-campus have the advantages of independent living and a greater connection to the Santa Cruz community. Yet off-campus students feel a certain loss when they move off campus; and when they come up to campus they often feel like visitors to their old homes. For those who have never lived on campus, finding your place in the college may be somewhat more difficult than if you live on campus.

GET TO KNOW STAFF: The College Office and the Student Activities Office (D-143) are excellent resources for finding out what’s going on academically and socially.

CHECK YOUR COLLEGE EMAIL OFTEN:  Every UCSC student is assigned a free email account. Your SlugMail account is the only email address UCSC will use to contact you. Be sure to have your email forwarded if you plan to use another email server. Check frequently for academic updates, information and deadlines. You may also receive announcements of special programs, workshops, and lectures geared to meet the needs of Porter students living off-campus. A sense of community comes from participation in College events.

COLLEGE MAIL BOX: If you would like to have a college mailbox, please sign up for one in the Porter College Office. 

COLLEGE NIGHTS: College Nights offers our off-campus students an opportunity to share conversation and fellowship with their fellow Porter students. A performance or activity accompanies the meal. Free tickets are available, on a first-come-first-served basis at the Student Activities Office, in D-143.

JOIN STUDENT SENATE: The Senate allocates more than $30,000 of Porter students’ money annually, sponsoring student projects, activities, and special programs. Annual retreats, workshops, and meetings and campus administration are some of the benefits of participating. Student Senate committees and student organizations offer you an excellent opportunity to help shape the direction of Porter and UCSC. All Porter students are voting members until they miss a meeting. Thereafter, attend just two meetings, you’re a Senator again, with full voting rights. Contact the Activities Office (D-143) at 459-2857 for more details.

WOMEN'S COLLECTIVE OR LAVENDER LOUNGE: Women’s Collective addresses issues relevant to its members. For information call 459-2746. To learn more about Porter Lavender Lounge, that supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students and their friends and allies, call 459-2746.

TELL US WHAT YOU NEED: With your creative ideas and energy, the College can provide more meaningful activities for off-campus students. “Off-Campus” is still relatively unexplored territory as far as student activities and services go, but we would like to reach out and help create that important sense of belonging among all members of Porter community. With your help, we can do it. Bring your ideas to James Blaine, Porter College Programs Coordinator, room D-143.