Porter College Mural Program

Jesus Zuniga and his completed wall mural

 Jesus Zuniga and his completed wall mural at Porter College

Porter College Mural Program: 

Porter Murals are an on-going, annual program. Artist's applications to paint a mural are accepted throughout Fall Quarter with all applications due 21 days after being picked up in the Porter Activities Office (must be turned in no later than 4:00 pm on the final day of Fall Quarter). Selection of the mural(s) to be painted will be made no later than February 15. To learn more about the mural program, please read or visit the Porter College Activities Office.

Hard copies of the "Porter College Mural Program" information, with applications, are available for review in the Porter Activities Office, the Porter College Office, and the Porter Housing Office. An on-line version of the Porter College Mural Program is available here.