Activities in the Time of Covid-19: A Silver Lining

Koi Pond at Porter College

Community is more than physical proximity and geographic location:  Community is the feeling of fellowship with others, sharing common interests, experiences, and goals.

The Porter College Activities Office recognizes the challenges that have come with UCSC’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic:  From finishing winter quarter classes & finals online and all courses in the spring quarter being online only, to cancellation or postponement of events and gatherings here and across the state.  Our work is about creating spaces for students to find and create community. The Porter Activities team is already re-envisioning programs and searching out opportunities to fulfill our mission of providing you opportunities for community connection - even when our community is spread out across the state, country and globe.

Let’s start by reframing “social distancing” to “physical distancing”.  Stay connected with friends from campus and the Activities Office through the virtual world of video conferencing, Discord, Twitch, Instagram, Facetime….  Go old school with phone or email, go really old school and send a real letter! We will be using these mediums to host virtual events, as well as just to share information and interesting opportunities that we hope you and your community will explore.  Below are some links and programs that we hope you will take advantage of.

The Porter Activities Office is mindful of university health and safety measures for our community. We remain committed to providing you with the things needed right now:

Kindness and laughter with a community of friends.    

Sites we thought you might an antidote to computer-as-school-desk:

Sir Patrick Stewart reading one of Shakespeare's Sonnets each day (Here's the link to Sir Patrick Stewart's instagam)

Lunchtime Doodles with Mo Willems:  You are listening and watching, but the lecture is not making sense over zoom?  Maybe constructive doodling will bring it all back into focus!

Lost in isolation?  Here are some out-of-this-world hints from someone who's been there.

At home w/ younger siblings who are also stuck inside?

Here is a link to the "Learn at home" page at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Challenge yourself guide your little sister or brother through some of the activities.  Or just explore the musuem and make plans to visit when you are back in Santa Cruz -- just a sampling here.

Perhaps fur and feathers are more interesting than fins?  Check out the San Diego Zoo Live Cams.  Yes there is a koala cam!

Tired of seeing your bedroom wall behind you when you ZOOM into class?

Check out our ZOOM background Library,  all images will be full resolution jpg.s ready for you to download!

It's been how long since you've had a change to visit the koi pond? 

Take a break at the Koi Pondtake a break at the Koi Pond

Or maybe Just miss seeing your feathered, furred, or finned friends?

Nature at Santa CruzNature at SC


Did you see "Night in the Museum" (or the sequel of the same name)?  This is SO much better!

Porter's Virtual Scavenger Hunt!                                 


Getty Museum Scavenger Hunt banner     Van Gogh Museum Scavenger Hunt Banner


Art Major?  Artist?  Creative?  Don't let physical distancing dampen your creativity!  the UCSC ArtShow is now taking Submissions!

Art Major?  Artist?  Creative?  Don't let our social distancing dampen your creativity! The UCSC ArtShow is now taking submissions!





Let us know if you've found a neat website or have a creative idea or activity.  Share your solutions to the challenges that Covid-19 has presented, or just have a request for to follow up on?

Porter is on Instagram , DISCORD and Facebook.  Or email:, or James at: or Althea at: