Porter Self-Guided Tour

  1. Porter Activities Office, Koi Pond*, Study Center, and Galleries - The Activities Office provides support for Porter events as well as student employment on a variety of different work teams, such as the Slugs, who are known as Orientation Across the way you will find the Koi Pond where people can view our beloved Koi*. The Study Center is also in the area and open to all students. On the second floor near the graffiti murals are the Faculty and Sesnon Galleries which have many shows each year for students and professional traveling artists. Please doe not touch or feed the Koi, with so many visitors, the Koi become over stressed and ill.
  2. Our trademark“The Wave” (Untitled, Kenney Farrel, 1974 ) - This has become the symbol and unofficial logo for Porter.
  3. The Porter Circle and Sign - Here stands the sign for Benjamin Porter College. On the back of the sign there are five Roman numeral‘V’s that represent when this college was formerly known as College Five. The College was founded in 1969, but the name Porter was officially dedicated in 1981.
  4. The Academic Office - This office is where Porter Students come for general academic Whether it’s choosing a major or needing guidance on signing up for classes, our Academic Advisors and peer advisors are here to help. You can also find the Porter Provost’s Office here.The Dining Hall, Mailroom, Cafe, George Hitchcock Lounge, Bridge and J.B. Hall Galleries, and C118 - Porter/Kresge dining hall is not only a dining facility but converts to one of the largest multipurpose programing spaces on campus. It features a large stage, theatrical lighting and sound systems.  The    foyer holds the student mailroom and the entrance to the George P. Hitchcock Lounge which is used for many student activities and student government  meetings known as Porter Senate. The entrance to the Bridge and J.B. Hall Galleries are located inside the dining hall. These galleries are usually reserved for students to display their art shows. Classroom C118 is located below the Cafe primarily used for Porter classes.
  5. Residence Halls, Residential Life Office, and the Quad - Porter Residential Halls (or the A and B buildings) consist of single, double, triple and quad Some halls have themes such as Outdoor Experience, Film and Digital Media, Performing Arts, Substance Free, and Visual Arts. The A-building houses primarily the Transfer Community at Porter College, the B-building houses primarily new Frosh students. The Quad is known for its stage and open grassy area where students can play music, hang out, or enjoy the sun.
  6. The Porter Apartments and the I-Lounge - The apartments are another form of Porter student housing, typically for sophomore, junior and senior class students. Each apartment houses six students in single and double room arrangements and is equipped with a The I-Lounge can be found at the end of the Porter Apartments. This room is a common area that can be used for student activities, dances, and as a study lounge.

The Housing & Residential Life Offices are located at Rm. J -301 in the Porter “J” Building across the street from the I-Lounge (at the top of the map). Here you will find the Housing Coordinator, Coordinators for Residential Education (CRE) and both our Associate College Administrative Office (ACAO) and College Administrative Office (CAO).


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