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About Student Senate

Porter Senate is a group of community members that represent you! We are responsible for making sure that the voices of every Porter student are heard. And we take great care to stay tuned in to the latest Porter happenings and turn your ideas into action through collaboration and funding.

Porter Students - we want to hear from you! Come join us at an upcoming Senate meeting or meet with an officer or representative during Open Office Hours. Here are some Porter Senate FAQS that explain more about our function.

Meeting Time and Location - Spring Quarter 2023

Wednesdays 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm,


Chair: Walter Arvalo

Vice Chair: (open)

Treasurer: Gabrielle Marille

Secretary: (open)

Public Relations: (open)

Parliamentarian: (open)

Porter Representatives to Student Union Assembly: (open)

Academic Senate Representive: Open

Student Committee on Committees: Open

Student Fee Advisory Committee:  Gabrielle Marille

Core Council: (Vacant)


Senate FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (PDF)


Contact Us

General Inquiries:

Funding Inquiries:






Date Allocated Quarterly Allocation + quarterly carryover Program Allocations
Fall 2022
UCSC Triathlete $250.00
Shutter Slug Photography $300.00
On the Spot Prod. $200.00
FPC Film Fest. Fall '22 $150.00
Business Econ. Academia $75.00
Carry Forward $168.00

Discretionary Allocation:  Wtr '23


Fall Carry Forward $168.00
Fruitcake Magazine 1/25/23 $200.00
FPC Winter 1/25/23 $150.00
Baskin Day, 2023 2/15/23 $250.00
Kresge Pride 3/8/23 $250.00
Unexpended Fall pre-allocations 3/8/23 $616.04
Wtr. Finals Survival kits 3/8/23 $616.04
Carry Forward 461.01

Discretionary Allocation:  Spr '23

Winter Carry forward $461.01
Colleges Against Cancer 4/12/23 $300.00
Senate Snacks 4/12/23 $160.00
KZSC / Queers at the Quarry 4/19/23 $200.00
Slug Anime / SlugCon '23 4/19/23 $150.00
Senate Pre-allocation / QFS 4/19/23 $500.00
QFS 2023 4/19/23 $500.00


Funding Requests


1) Your Porter Senate Discretionary Budget Request must be submitted by 4:00 pm Monday in order to be placed on the agenda for the following Wednesday’s meeting.
     a) Requests submitted after 4:00 pm will be the following week.
2) It is your responsibility to present the funding request to Senate and field any questions from Senate, the presentation may be made by any member of your organization.
     a) Funding requests will only be considered if a presentation made.
3) Porter Senate does not typically fund travel.
4) Porter Senate does not fund retroactively, i.e. Senate will not fund re-imbursements for purchases and expenditures that have already been made.
5) Distribution of Funds is by Purchase Order or Transfer of Funds to a University account only.

Please complete Porter Senate's Funding Proposal form.  Be sure to attached a description and budget for your program or event, as the Senate Funding Award Form (required for all SOMeCA, OPERS, College or University Unit sponsored organization). 

Section 1 of the Funding Award Form must be completed at time of submission:

Porter Senate Funding Award Form - Complete Section 1 and submit with your Proposal (.pdf) activities/senate-documents/porter-senate-funding-award-form.pdf activities/senate-documents/porter-senate-funding-award-form.pdf

Please Contact the Porter Activities Office  ( if you have questions completeting either form.


Creative & Innovative (C&I) Project Grants

Support for creative and innovative Porter sudent projects. Funding is provided by the Porter Provost and awarded by the Porter Senate. Only Porter students are eligible to apply.

Porter students should be the primary (but not necessarily the exclusive) beneficiaries of the project. Grants must be highly rated according to some (but not all) of the criteria below:

Does the project facilitate Porter students' work as creative artists and innovators (in any and all fields)?

Does the project involve Porter students as makers of art and proponents of cultural or societal or scientific change (rather than only as audience members)?

How many students will directly benefit from this grant? How many Porter students? How will these students benefit?

How will this project have a positive affect on the Porter community as a whole?

Grant proposals must include a detailed breakdown of expenditures. Late or incomplete applications will not be funded.

Deadlines are 5PM on the 2nd Thursday of Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Application forms and further information can be obtained from the Porter Student Activities office.

Undergraduate Fellowships and Awards


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