Welcome to Porter College's First Year Advising Tutorial

Interactive program for New Frosh -we want you

Purpose of the First Year Advising Tutorial

The goals of the First Year Advising Tutorial (FYA) are to...

  • Encourage student's self-confidence and decision-making process.
  • Help student's identify the full range of academic options and campus resources.
  • Support students' self-management of their academic plan(s).  Student's are expected to earn 45 credits in their first year.
  • Assist student's to propose or confirm their intended major by the end of the first year.
  • Enable students to become life-long learners able to make assessments and decisions.
To complete the Tutorial...
  • You MUST be logged into your UCSC gmail account!
  • Review Steps 1 - 7 & Learning Outcomes
  • Complete Step 8 & submit form
  • Step 8 is a required activity - you will plan your winter and spring quarter classes
  • To complete Step 8 you will need...
    • Access to a computer and 15-20 minutes of time

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